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Make Good Traditional Handcrafts now offers classes and instruction for new woodworkers hoping to start their journey in the tradition.

Get Started Woodworking

( in a small space )

Our in-person classes are designed to help you begin woodworking in your own home, without noisy, dusty, and potentially dangerous machines. Enjoy the satisfaction of exercising your creative spirit, and truly make something with your hands.

When I wanted to start a hobby in woodworking, I was living in a small apartment. I assumed I would have to wait until I could find a studio space or garage that would allow for the large, loud, and expensive machines of the modern trade. I researched and familiarized myself with hand tools, especially those used in the Japanese tradition. I became inspired by their effectiveness and simplicity, and their small footprint let me work in my own apartment. I want to help others find their way to this alternative—a quiet, mindful practice of traditional hand-tool woodworking.

Become a Woodworker

“Build Your Toolbox”

This 2-session, 14-hour class offers participants a deep-dive introduction to the rudiments of hand-tool woodworking with Japanese tools, including saws, chisels, planes, and more. In this class, you will learn how to use, sharpen, and maintain these tools and develop good work methodology. The class will culminate in building your own toolbox for your new tools. Classes will meet in-person in Brooklyn. 

Part One

After an overview of woodworking fundamentals, we’ll begin with basic technique with saws and chisels, followed by sharpening and tool maintenance.

Part Two

Next, we’ll get familiar with the nuances of the Japanese hand plane, effective work methods for small spaces, and some basic joinery concepts.

Part Three

Here’s where we start putting it all together. We’ll look at project design and joinery in application, and then we’ll get started building your toolbox.



(includes materials)

Note: Participants are expected to bring their own tools for this class, and may need to purchase some or all of these tools beforehand. Once you register, you’ll receive a list of tools and suggestions for where to buy them online. The total cost of a complete set should fall in the range of $250-350. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

“Build Your Toolbox”: July 2024

This session will meet from 10a-6pm on two consecutive Saturdays, July 13th & 20th, 2024.

Spaces Available.

“Build Your Toolbox”: August 2024

This session will meet from 10a-6pm on two consecutive Saturdays, August 24th & 31st, 2024.

Spaces Available.

“Build Your Toolbox”: September 2024

This session will meet from 10a-6pm on two consecutive Sundays, September 15th & 22nd, 2024.

Spaces Available.

Once purchased, you will be registered for this session. If after purchasing, circumstances change and you will not be able to attend, please email immediately. For cancellations made at least 10 days in advance, we can provide a refund, minus a 10% processing fee OR you can also choose a 100% credit—good for a future class. If you need to cancel within 10 days of the first session, we will try to fill the spot. If we’re unable, we will not be able to refund or give you credit. We cannot provide full or partial refunds for no-shows.

Private Instruction

If you have a project in mind and/or would like specific lessons in some aspect of woodworking, let’s design a custom session together.

Topics Could Include:

Joinery Methods
Sharpening with waterstones
Milling with hand tools

Project design and planning
Non-toxic finishing
Repair & Restoration

and more…

Develop Your Skillset

Get In Touch

Ready to get started with your new woodworking hobby? If you’d like to sign up for a class or private lesson, or just have a question to ask, fill out this form and reach out!

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