my Story

Honest Work

I’ve always been fascinated by the history of how everyday things were made before the dawn of industry. As a kid, I would pore over Eric Sloane’s drawings of historic New England barns and the tools used to make them. In college, I learned about the techniques and methods ancient cultures used to build in stone and wood. I was curious about the simplicity of traditional woodworking tools and the fine quality and durability of the now-antique furniture that was made with them. Perhaps most importantly, I was captured by the self-sufficiency, frugality and resourcefulness that went along with the old methods.

Nine years ago, I put this lifelong fascination into action and became a traditional woodworker. In our apartment, I applied what I had studied in the past, practicing the old methods, without big machines and, of course, without the noise and dust. With a couple saws, a few handplanes, and some chisels, I found I was able to make nearly anything—small furniture, boxes, home accessories, wooden jewelry, and even our dining room suite—simply and beautifully. I found ways to repair whatever I could and devised simple solutions that made our home better, more efficient, and ultimately more beautiful.

I’d like to help to make your home more functional and beautiful as well. To get started, call or email me today!

In this small bedroom Workshop, making and meditation go hand-in-hand

My Home Workshop

Foundational Principles

Considered Design

To me, it’s always worthwhile to think things through, maybe even sketch out a few solutions, and then proceed with what seems best. Good design takes time, but it also brings value to the things we live with every day.

Attention To Detail

One benefit of working with hand tools is that it slows down the process and allows me to focus more of my attention on detail. I find the small and thoughtful touches that arise from working mindfully can make the difference between good and great.

Smaller is Better

I’m a one-man operation, which means when you call, I’m the one you talk to, and when the work gets done, I’m the one who does it. For this reason, we can plan more closely together and make sure the details of the project really match what you’re looking for.

Safe Finishes

Many modern chemical finishes are designed to mimic traditional ones that either are too expensive, slow, or labor intensive to be scaled up for large industrial production & manufacturing. The original finishes, though, like tung oil and shellac, are non-toxic, easy to apply by hand, and use environment-friendly solvents. I also think they’re also easier to maintain, last longer, and look better.

Clear Communication

In my previous career as a technology trainer and support specialist, I honed my skills as a listener and communicator. It’s important to me, as your woodworker/handyman, that you feel understood and that the project meets your expectations. I will always be clear and honest about what I can do, and will also let you know if something is outside my expertise.

Refined Approaches

I draw a lot of my inspiration from Japanese, Scandinavian, and Shaker aesthetics, and in my work, I always try to incorporate the principles of clear, simple design. I want the results of my labor to be functional, durable, and beautiful. To me, old, well-loved items that are thoughtfully repaired and maintained are often more beautiful than what’s new and shiny.